Pharos Consulting – Center for Lifelong Learning Level 1

The Lighthouse Counseling – Center for Lifelong Learning Level 1 presents a multivalent services office with 4 main fields of expertise :

– Financial Development (P.A / p.NSRF ) | NDP | European subsidies –
– General Enterpreneurial Consulting e.g business plans –
– Educational Training programs as a certified Continuous Vocational Training Center –
– Social Insurance Consulting (Retirement prospects and occupation related solutions) –

Our services consist of a three aspect model , entrepreneurial services, educational programs, social security and healthcare programs. All combined are being reflected on our logo depicted as a triangular lighthouse.. Pharos Consulting is a new idea but with experienced individuals, who created a high quality and easily accessible facility 240 s.m located in Katerini, Kassandrou St. 40 & Thessaloniki 57 (just alongside National Bank ). In our offices we can further project on a collaboration but most importantly your ideas and vision that matter most.. Our firm values integrity, , honesty and fairness and strives to assess any possible concerns by sharing our vision , with you :

Our experienced individual members , the multidimensional knowledge skill set , our partnerships , values that characterize our mission , such as honesty and integrity profiling our work , contribute to a solid and sound identity ultimately leading to win win relationships.

Michou Maria – Chousouridis Nikolaos – Tzagkas Konstantinos – Tzagkas George
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